Best cities to live in India 2020

India is the mixture of different cultures, it shows by different cities from different states,  it also mixture of different kind of people’s who prefer their own lifestyle according to work and comfort. So we are try to elaborate classification of different cities as per our criteria. Take a look as follows,

  1. For High End lifestyle :

  India is known for its luxury lifestyle since its ancestors, now India is also providing or developing space for western culture and lifestyle. So there are couple of cities in India who offers a high end lifestyle. It provides you all kinds of comforts, foods and shopping destinations influenced by different countries. That’s why many foreigners are also prefer these cities to settle down temporary or permanently.
a. Mumbai
b. Pune
c. Bengaluru
d. Hyderabad
e. New Delhi

2. For Peaceful living :

India also offers some cities for relaxation and peaceful lifestyle, these cities set their benchmark in terms of peaceful environment and availability of all necessary facilities.

a. Pune
b. Panaji
c. Chandigarh
d. Deharadun
e. Coimbatore

3. For Business Expansion :

          India also offers fully customize infrastructure for industry or business development, India is on first seat in terms of business development , we already set our footprints in the globe and moving towards superpower, so these are some best cities according to business development.

a. Mumbai
b. Gurugram
c. Surat
d. Ahmedabad
e. Indore

    These are some our recommendations regarding cities in india for Healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

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